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About Audit

In order to find and prevent risk, audit becomes more and more important, entrepreneurs pay more attention on it increasingly

With the development of the society progress, there are more and more kinds of rules ,regulations and laws, and they also become more and more strict.  Expanding the scale of the enterprise makes the business process, the information processing become more complex. Company will face with the risk increases; The users of Enterprise financial statements and reports put forward higher and stricter requirements on the timeliness, compliance and information disclosure levels of detail.

Our professional efficient audit service can help customers to correspond with regulatory requirements, to discover and avoid risk in time.  In the basis of deep understanding of the customer's business process and the risk assessment, according to actual found issue in the audit process, we will send management report to the enterprise, on its business process, internal control, financial report and other aspects, with the problems and improving schemes, and the reference suggestion, so as to improve the management level of enterprises.

How to help you

We are familiar with Chinese and international accounting standards and related laws and regulations, and abide by the principle  of "integrity, independence, objectivity, justice, confidential". Using the advanced audit idea and method of international accounting field, assist with your declaration, in order to achieve the regulatory requirements.

Excellent audit plan: through the project prophase research and analysis, we will make the effective project scheme, determine appropriate time budget and personnel assignment, implement the targeted program, control risk effectively, ensure to complete the project on time and high quality.

Professional and efficient auditors team: firm has a rich experience, very professional team of certified public accountants. They have international and domestic senior professional background and rich practical experience. 

They accumulated a wealth of experience in kinds of enterprises annual accounting statements audit, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, asset restructuring, can provide kinds of professional services with international practice and domestic business standard.

Effective project management:   we implement the project manager responsibility system. All the work are performed under strict requirements , From the earlier project researching, making plan and audit program, time and personnel arrangements, audit implementation to issue the report or proposal, each are carefully organized and strictly managed.

Meet and exceed your expectations, solve the problem for you, providing Suggestions and solutions, to achieve the best effect is our goal and requirements.

Our services include:

• Company annual audit, assets and capital verification audit

Financial insurance audit

Foreign exchange audit

• Enterprise merger, division, acquisition and reorganization audit

• Term economic responsibility audit

• Financial due diligence, Agreed-upon procedures audit

• Bankruptcy liquidation auditing

• The enterprise internal audit

• Other special audit, etc.

The financial report can be compiled, according to the Chinese enterprise accounting standards, international financial reporting standards, Hong Kong financial reporting standards, the United States accounting standards or other specific criterion.

All kinds of relevant information, please refer to:

Information  Center > Information List

If you have any question, welcome to contact us.

Hotline: 400 660 8961


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