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  Corporate Finance                

Financial Outsourcing

We are familiar with the national and local financial and tax laws and regulations. for you to share the legal responsibility and guard against legal risks and, to help you with the law enforcement organs of audit or inspecting. keep your secret.

We are familiar with the national and local financial and tax laws and regulations. For you to share the legal liability and guard against legal risks,  to help you deal with audit or inspection of law enforcement agencies, to keep your business secret.

Firm has a set of strict perfect financial management system, the use of advanced information management system for business process control, and ensure that financial information are true and correct. There is a professional CPA, accountants team.

·Professional financial and accounting services

We can offer you accounting, tax declaration, financial analysis, financial consulting services. Firms, make full use of the advantage in the audit field, will use the audit experience in financial services, fully guaranteed service professional level.

· International financial tax service

Firm has experts who familiar with domestic and international accounting standard and system, can also process financial accounting according to the domestic and international accounting standard and, prepare financial statements.

At the same time, according to customer needs, we can provide various types of internal management reports.

Our customers covers the domestic-funded and foreign-funded enterprises. At present, the they are from the United States, France, Britain, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries regions.

Related problems of financial services

1Accounting and report in both Chinese and English

Firms can account both in Chinese and English, prepare  accounting statements and financial reporting. according to the domestic and international accounting standards.

2. Quality control of financial services

Firm has three step checking system, the manager, the competent accountant are responsible for inspecting accounting treatment, and answer your questions

3. Pick-up and delivery documents

According to your specific situation, we can a week or a month fixed to come collecting of documents, or can use agreed other way

4. Account documents keeping

Special counters keeping all your financial information. we will  bind all the books, reports, and returned to you the last year's documents, at the beginning of every year,

5. Financial accounting software

We use the most well-known financial software. The data security, confidentiality and software functional, please rest assured

6. Tax declaration

Monthly tax-- we calculate and fill the tax declaration form, after your confirmation, we will declare for your monthly.

All kinds of relevant information, please refer to:

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