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  Register Agency                

Register Agency

We are familiar with the relevant laws and regulations, has the rich work experience. Through the business operation and the accumulation of many years, the firm has formed its own characteristics, We can help you in the following aspects:

Enterprise establishment, alteration, restructuring, registration

Resident representative offices of foreign enterprises to establish, alteration, extension ,registration

Enterprise annual inspection, foreign exchange yearly check

Enterprise capital increasing, transferring, refunding, verification, etc.

Tax registration

General taxpayer qualification

Enterprise closure, the cancellation of the tax registration, and industry  and commerce license

Enterprise cross-industry cooperation, merger opportunities;

Enterprise financing,

The examination and approval of foreign investment enterprises and special industries.

limited liability company

Limited liability company is an economic organizations, its shareholders is more than 1 (including 1) less than 50 (including 50) China enterprise legal person or the natural, they joint investment in China and establish the legal person status company.

our service including: name approval, registration of establishment, change registered, and the industry and commerce yearly check.

Beijing representative office of foreign enterprises

Refer to foreign enterprises in domestic may set up administrative offices, as its Chinese market front, foreign enterprise Beijing representative office affairs including: set up representative office, foreign representative legal status of examination and approval, extension registration, examination and approval of the cancellation of its registration.

Foreign-owned enterprise

One or more foreign enterprise legal person or the natural who invest in China establishes economic organizations of the legal person status.

our service : enterprise set up registration, registration examination and approval of the enterprise change or cancellation, industrial and commercial yearly check, foreign exchange yearly check.

Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise

One or more Chinese enterprise legal person and one or more foreign enterprise legal person or the natural who joint investment in Chinaestablish within the territory of the legal person status economic organizations. Include: enterprise set up registration, registration of change in any of the examination and approval, the enterprise of the cancellation of its registration examination and approval, industrial and commercial yearly check, foreign exchange yearly check.

Enterprise restructuring

Enterprise ownership transformation, refers to the investors change, because of enterprise financing or operation need, in China domestic or overseas, and at the same time, lead to enterprise economic type change. such as: domestic enterprises convert to  the foreign investment enterprises, foreign investment enterprises to domestic enterprises, domestic enterprises to limited liability company.

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